Refine Energy have recently announced the release of the first commercial version of their CYBRIX operations system. The CYBRIX system provides all the necessary management tools for operating any oil and gas facility in Australia. It has been specifically developed to provide an “off-the-shelf” system that can be implemented quickly, easily and at low cost to improve operations and provide confidence that all regulatory and licence-to-operate conditions are met. CYBRIX has been developed to encapsulate the combined Refine Energy teams experience and knowledge of best practices from many decades of oil and gas asset operations in Australia. The system can be applied to complement existing management systems to “fill-the-gaps” and ensure all aspects are covered.


Following discussions with a number of operators and regulatory bodies, Refine Energy has identified that there is a need for a simple approach to managing oil and gas production assets, particularly for the smaller operator.

This demand has been driven by changes in the oil and gas sector driven by increasing compliance standards, the application of new codes of practice, increased expectations of performance across all stakeholders and challenging market conditions. CYBRIX was developed to meet this need and provide a one-stop solution.

The system was specifically developed to help the small and medium size operators meet their compliance requirements and at the same time provide the basic tools for achieving good business outcomes. Core areas such as business planning and reporting, risk management, permit to work, management of change are at the heart of the system.

Refine has also taken the innovative step of mapping all relevant state and federal acts, regulations and codes of practice to the CYBRIX management system so that an Operator can get clear line of sight between activities undertaken in the field and how they meet the relevant acts and regulations giving Operators confidence that they are meeting all expectations.



CYBRIX is a web based Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) system that includes the following suite of integrated modules in its base configuration. Each module has defined policies, procedures, standards and guidelines.

  • Document management module to track and manage all information
  • Business Planning module to ensure that there is clarity on objectives and business strategies
  • Activity planning module (yearly, 90-day, weekly planning) to ensure all activities are planned, controlled and measured.
  • Risk Management module to ensure all risks to the business are mitigated to ALARA
  • Scorecard and Reporting module to ensure there is accurate, timely and comprehensive reporting so that the right decisions can be made
  • Human resources module to cover the basics in management of all people resources
  • Policies module to provide a complete suite of company expectations on how we work together
  • Health Risk Management module to ensure all health assessment and risk are controlled
  • Safety management module to ensure an adequate safety management system is implemented
  • Environment Management module to ensure all environmental risks are controlled
  • Incident reporting module to ensure all incidents and near misses are reported and acted on
  • Physical Security module to ensure minimum security standards are maintained
  • Emergency management module to ensure appropriate planning is in place and resources are mobilised during real emergencies
  • Journey management module to track and control all travel plans to ensure people arrive safely
  • Operational procedures and SOP’s module to ensure all critical operational procedures are maintained and standardised SOP’s are applied
  • Operational registers module to provide day-to-day standard registers for tracking and recording of site operations
  • Permit to work module to ensure all non-routine work activities are risk assessed and have appropriate controls
  • Production Management module to allow for production recording, reporting and optimisation
  • Competency and Training module to ensure all personnel have necessary competencies commensurate with their role
  • Management of Change module to ensure all changes are controlled
  • Engineering data management module to maintain the integrity of all engineering information and data
  • Maintenance management module to ensure all maintenance and other work activities are executed as required
  • Asset integrity module to ensure all integrity risks are identified, mitigated and are controlled
  • Process Safety module to ensure all risk that lead to process safety incidents and major accident events are controlled via the application of performance standards
  • Project management module to ensure all projects are scoped, defined and implemented to meet project objectives
  • Compliance management module to ensure all compliance requirements are documented and actioned
  • Permits and licences module to ensure all permits, licences and other approvals are maintained valid
  • Regulatory reporting Module to ensure all statuary reporting is completed as required
  • Stakeholder management moduleto ensure all stakeholder interactions are tracked and managed to achieve best outcomes for all
  • Well Integrity management module to ensure well integrity standards are set and well containment barriers are managed to meet minimum standards for continued operation
  • Drilling, work-overs and completions module to ensure all intervention activities are managed to meet objectives and minimise risk
  • Reserves reporting module to document reserves updates
  • Petroleum engineering module that contains all the tools and documents needed for provision of the full suite of petroleum engineering (eg. reservoir management, production engineering)
  • Subsurface data management module to ensure all subsurface data integrity is maintained
  • Field Development Planning module to ensure formal development plans are controlled and approved by all stakeholders
  • Budgeting and financial control module to provide operational budget controls and clear links with the financial accounting system
  • Procurement module to ensure the formal process of scoping, approving, requisitioning, purchasing, receipt and payment is followed
  • Contracts and Contractor management module to ensure a formal process is followed for awarding contracts and then a standard process for on-boarding, execution and closeout of contracts is followed
  • Material and inventory management module to track and control the movement of all stock and materials and active tracking and management of warehouse stock levels
  • Information technology module to ensure a standard approach for all IT systems is followed to managed security risks
  • Audit module that include a formal auditing schedule to assure the correct implementation of the CYBRIX system and can be used during formal auditing by Regulators


Refine Energy and its technology Partner (Agility Squared), have created a forked version of CRM with purpose built modules covering all the systems highlighted above. CYBRIX at its core, is based on the proven Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)/SQL software that finds application across many large scale industries. Using the relational data base underpinning  CYBRIX , all data is captured in a form that can be used for integration and analysis of data trends across all areas of operations.

The system  is cloud based, incorporates high reliability and redundant hardware and also comes with the latest  in IT security. Users can be assured that their data is safe and secure whilst remaining accessible  to all users in real time. The CYBRIX system also allows for individual security and access profiles so that companies can explicitly control who gets access to information.



Refine Energy is now providing CYBRIX as a solution to the industry. More information can be found at the CYBRIX website or by contacting Refine Energy.